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QuantOn Cal®

Preventis QuantOn Cal® is pioneering point-of-care diagnostics through QuantOn® Technology, the innovative combination of rapid test and app.

Smartphone based rapid tests

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Stool sample

QuantOn Cal®

The smart solution for patients and doctors

Calprotectin - rapid differentiation in unclear intestinal complaints

Calprotectin is considered an important inflammation marker in the diagnosis and treatment of complaints in the gastrointestinal tract. Close monitoring helps to monitor the effectiveness of therapy and thus increases its safety.

Test principle
The QuantOn Cal® testing system consists of a rapid test that quantitatively detects calprotectin in stool and a smartphone app that evaluates the result of the rapid test. The result is automatically transmitted to the supervising healthcare professional.

QuantOn Cal® app: In addition, you need the QuantOn Cal® app to perform the rapid test, which you can download from the App Store or Google Play Store. The supported smartphones (system requirements) can be found below.

Your benefits

  • Measure Calprotectin: wherever and whenever necessary
  • The practice receives the measured value at the same time
  • Optimization of treatment is possible on a continuous basis


The smart solution for patients and doctors

Note: Please note that self-tests, like all diagnostic tests, are only part of a diagnosis and cannot replace a face-to-face consultation with medical professionals. We recommend that you seek medical advice if you have any uncertainties, questions, and especially if the test result is positive.

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